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One Pan, Two Plates (A wedding rubaiyat)

By: Ali Said

About The Poem

My husband and I got married during the pandemic (we were allowed only 5 guests). To make it special I wrote this poem in the Arabic poetry style of a rubaiyat (though I wrote in English). It is inspired by the first cookbook we purchased together, and the simple way love manifests itself in the small things.

The Poem

They say love is loud, a crashing of fates.
Big signs prove it found, rings and wedding dates.
But my love is quiet, happy and small.
It is dinner with you: one pan, two plates.

That first night, first dance, how well I recall.
Such adventures since; fun, we’ve had it all.
But things simply shared: music, cheese, and wine,
Are what lift my heart, if hope starts to fall.

Now we say always, I’m yours and you’re mine.
A vow to bind us, like a ball of twine.
But no paper nor words solemnly read,
Beat a Wandle stroll, just us and sunshine.

This life of gentle joy, never before led,
Gets sweeter each morn, with you in my bed.
Here’s a new chapter, our future awaits.
One pan all we need; love will keep us fed.

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