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By: Elizabeth Wareing

About The Poem

I was inspired to write as a teacher during the pandemic about how I felt. It gave be comfort to link everything back to being allowed to go out and be free in the world again, knowing that one day we will all be aloud to be back outside but that we are choosing to keep others and ourselves safe by not perusing our freedom.

The Poem


Out is being free,

Free is liberation, choice and multicolour in a grey world,

Colour brings joy,

Joy provides happiness,

Happiness is infectious,

Infectious is Corona…

Corona is confusing, scary, hard,


Encouraging us to find new ways,

Ways to share and use our time,

Time that’s moving slowly,


It’s still moving,

Moving…keep moving…2m away but still together,

Together always, we are in this,

On the street outside seeing faces, masked faces,

Faces that smile from houses,

House being a home, a safe place to be,

Being is what we are doing,

Doing things that we choose,

Choosing to protect others so that one day, again,

We can be out.

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