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Over the Last Year

By: Eshal Amir

The Poem

From David Cameron to Theresa May to Boris Johnson,
We have a capital city named London,
We’ve been in this case for over a year,
We had no hope but to disappear,
We were sent home with Despair,
Coronavirus TRUTH or DARE,
We were running out of hope,
Captain Tom came like he was wearing a robe,
Everyone came along with Captain Tom,
But after Captain Tom was gone, it seemed like no hope any more,
Instead of playing ping-pong,
The key of success was face covering,
Food had gone,
No one could buy a phone,
There was no more fun,
Nothing could be done,
And your favourite shop had closed,
It was creepier than a ghost,
The next year took away the tears,
On the 19th July,
That’s why wanted to apply,
For red, Green and amber lists,
So we can’t fly !!!

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