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Painful Birth of Inspiration

By: Siana Gordon

About The Poem

In this case my poem was inspired by heartbreak. The overall essence reflects on how my depression and emotionally turbulent experiences birth inspiration that fuels me to write. My pain ultimately is my muse.

The Poem

Tears flowing down my face, a salty clear stream
shimmering with the sparkle of healing and new
ideas. Inspiration, splashing, dripping down my
cheek, leaving puddles of knowledge in my open
windows. A drowning, feel the soul climb. Waves
gather under my chin, my present self is gasping
for air; lungs filling with cleansing water. Old life is
leaving my body. I’m dying a slow and painful
death. This ocean of my tears is crushing me, my
head pounding under the weight of its pressure.
Think peace, relief, I’m scared, please don’t leave.
But then… Glimmering above, the sun shines.
Gust, push, breathe. A full breath. I am here. Still.
And I have something to write.

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