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Pandemic Departure

By: Vernal Wright

About The Poem

Pandemic Fear,

The posted poem is based on a conversation between two friends who I know very well, who share opposite views of Covid-19, which also overshadowed their relationship into a temporary separation.

The Poem

Unwashed dishes and utensils.

Untidy house, dusty curtains.

hanging cobwebs, smear window

Unmade bed, ruffled pillows.

Sticky floor and shaky floorboards.

Banging slates and leaking roof.

Dis-colored ceiling, broken gutters,

Uneven steps and a sea of fallen
autumn and winter leaves have
taken up residence around the

Now that the pandemic virus has
evaporated into a flu-like synthon,
things are not the same,

Come back home, come back home
you’ve been dreadfully missed, nights
without dark, I experienced, days
without light, I care not for.

I could remember the day you left,
the front door swings behind you, like
a piece of hanging forgotten cable
that the wind has chosen to provoke.

And has it happened the door is still
swinging, like the tail of a crinoline in
motion on a dance floor, come home,
come home while your mind is still

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