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By: Bethany Campbell

The Poem

We’re all in this together they said
But not true, when some are in bed
And others erecting a garden shed
Many lost their lives
Others came out in hives,

A small symptom of covid
The dreaded word that no one wants to hear
It creeps out of nowhere, but yet it is here
Silent yet noisy,
Screaming and breathing its wrath from house to house

Where we must all stay
Except those who ran away.
Second homes became the norm
For those who could ride this stormy storm
In peace and quiet, away from it all
One rule for them, the rest for us all

What’s apps set up; communities formed
We’ll all help each other through this new norm.
Reflecting on our past
We’ll all do our bit,
to play our part to make sure Covid jogs on.

And on.

Hopeful for the future, back to work
Sharing on sell or swap.
Affordable housing being built.
City lights at dazzling heights,
But remember, we’re all in this together

Looking ahead we’re not on our own
Collectively women coming together has shown
We will not be defeated, nor will we budge
We will live side by side, and lend a hand in this special piece of the land

Mini Holland; here we come, bicycles are the way forward, cars have been done.
Waltham Forest is the place we call home
Let’s keep it special, let’s keep covid gone
Borough of culture was just the start.
We have yet to see what we can fully be
But we will get there, just wait and see.

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