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By: Campaspe Lloyd-Jacob

About The Poem

This is a poem about the death of a member of my family in the midst of COVID. It was a cold, sad day, but snow helped me to think of happier times with her.

The Poem

Today is like that day with you.

We were up late the night before

Eating sweets and Pringles. Now do

Watch out! you cried, If you take more

your hands will get stuck! A niggle

Of doubt before we start to giggle.


We woke to Tooting bright with snow

Perfect for snowmen, proof of your magic.

Bobble hats in the park below,

Snowballs and the squashed head trick.

Last week we buried you. Today

Snow falls, enough to play.


The earth is warm. The snow melts

leaving a shining icy ghost.

At the funeral we felt

That this was what we remembered most:

your laugh, infectious, bright and bold,

the true hilarity of the world.

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