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By: Sarah Nacer

About The Poem

As someone who struggled severely with depression and mental health issues during lockdown despite having access to material items – internet access, online shopping, it dawned on me that the only thing that truly brings me happiness are other human beings. The poem talks about how superficiality is merely a facade and how the pandemic has caused a global revelation that only human contact can fill that emptiness inside. I became very emotional writing this poem, albeit it being quite short. I’m extremely honoured to even have entered this competition and thank you for even reading it.

The Poem

As the waves of isolation crashed against their coast,
Violent and sudden
They had grown accustomed to life as they knew it
The definitive hustle and bustle of the next 24 hours.
Trapped in toy trains and toy cars, in toy pubs and toy bars
Hiding their toy wounds and toy scars
Now shackled to their dollhouse – porcelain skin fragile and temporary
They sought comport in 0s and 1s, cyberspace a new haven
The world at their fingertips yet lightyears from their hearts
As the dawn of a new age began and Mother Nature’s punishment abating,
The skies cleared to reveal a clear message while human nature was debating
They read on gradually reaching a catharsis
Only in one another can we truly find solace.

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