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Storms don’t last forever

By: Priscilla Krahn

About The Poem

I love writing poetry – it is very therapeutic for me and it is an honour to share poems and hear other people find comfort in it. This poem was inspired by seasons. Just like the climate goes through different seasons with different characteristics, life can sometimes echo this. Experiences like the Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult, but we can hope for better times. What will come in the future may not be what it used to be, but there is always joy ahead – whether that is an occasion or a particular season in life.

The Poem

Storms don’t last forever;
The seas will gather and still,
The sky will dry its eyes,
The sun will reappear and
Speak riddles and rhymes;
We will know to cheer again;
The ground will be steady, inviting
Us to walk, and stroll and leap again;
The grass will grow and give
Us a pillow for reminiscing,
The flowers a bed as we
Speak stories that relieve
Light laughter;
Our shoulders a resting place for
Moments of loud laughter –
They are too for tears,
But seasons change and
Today we learn to rejoice again.

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