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That day, I was lost

By: Rajani Thota Thota

About The Poem

I love to write about small things which make a big difference in one’s life, little attention little care , a very little love and affection, and how it works……in human beings life.

The Poem

That day, I was lost, but the things moved around me made me alert……and ….

I woke up bit late in the morning, I went a morning walk, where I missed my breakfast, thought of having breakfast at college canteen, I missed my bus, had to travel to college by my own transport, I was late , I missed my breakfast, i missed my presence in the meeting, I took fifteen minutes extra class , I was late to canteen where I missed lunch, somehow I ate something….i was called by my Principal for Appraisal, as I was late I missed to him on time, where I missed my appraisal for this academic year,

So, all this missed things, made me miss many things including my appraisal,

I request myself , not to miss anything….let it be a cup of tea….

We, all miss many things in life ,if missing happens unfortunately, that’s fine, but if it happens due to one’s laziness’ or deliberately if you try to miss something… are really lost…

Please do some little things in your life and learn lessons from it where you will try Not to miss anything…..

This is my little missing story…

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