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The Fonts of All Wisdom

By: Emma Barklamb

About The Poem

My best friend went to a creative writing course and she shared some of the homework tasks. She was asked to produce a poem from the first line, I left your words. It was such a great exercise. So much easier to write when you are asked to do it!

The Poem

  1. I left your words in-tact,
  2. Times New Roman,
  3. Verisimilitudonously taut,
  4. Where I was guessing at reality,
  5. Green plastered all over, adhesively re-re-formed,
  6. Flatly fecund, flawless, youngersundered, youngersullied,
  7. I sealed myself in a jar, screwed tight,
  8. Nobody blinked the lid and I remained undercover,
  9. Gaping with my wearmouth.


  1. I left your words in tact,
  2. Ariel,
  3. Polyptotontastically familiar,
  4. I heard common, pigeon-petrol, dirty lies,
  5. Granite-grinned, shame smeared, blood iron red, scarmented,
  6. Shrugged on and off, bi-metallically chosen,
  7. I peeled myself in cars, screwed in,
  8. Somebody saw the indicator but I remained underscovered,
  9. Swagger-staggered, my unseen flayed side.


  1. I left your words intact,
  2. Courier knew,
  3. Laconically misremembered,
  4. They are rosey-rubbed, ribald-ribbed,
  5. Purple burst, soft-pink and well-grey healed,
  6. Older paid, ripe, in season, elecunt,
  7. I say sweetly, how bizarre, screwed up,
  8. Everybody synchs the sinks, thinks they’re wonderscovered,
  9. Sinking, holding close my mondegreen.
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