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The Motivator’s Verses

By: Ejezie Maxwell

About The Poem

Life and nature as I passed through hurdles to see the world.

The Poem



When at last                                                                  Surely all life                                                  When I lay                                                                                 Is due                                                                                 Else God forbid                                                   Corner no man                                                                      Or at gossip say                                                             Why free life I lived                                               Swimming pool                                                             Full of love I drown                                                      Open golden gate                                                         Its fortress fall                                                                      Eat your condolence                                                    Wine all gloomy eyes                                                       Sympathy no bereaved                                              Lest not mutter                                                                That role each played                                                  I careless my bed                                                                  Or how comfortably laid                                            Beckon you thither                                                               For surely you come                                                    When at last                                                      Your mind recalls                                               For surely all life                                                          Oh! How joy a great                                                     Tell the lie for                                                                          In wait I lay                                                          Tarry just a while                                                    For surely you come                                          What life worth’s judgment                                                     The Pride of Life                                                           Friends depart                                                                   For surely all life




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