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The story of everything and nothing

By: Juno Sunny

About The Poem

I am Dr Juno Sunny, currently working at the Newham University hospitals in London. I usually work in the cardiology department and the past year has brought in many changes to my life and everybody surrounding me due to the overwhelming covid pandemic.
Overnight our cardiology unit had been converted to an intensive care unit to cater to the needs of patients suffering from covid-19.
This pandemic has brought with it not only a tide of sorrow for those who lost their dear ones but also a gloom of uncertainty regarding the future for many who survived. Amongst all this, I have to testify that my faith in God and Christ sustained me.
As a medical staff, I have never seen anything like this what I have seen last year. It’s difficult to watch a person’s life fade away when we frantically try everything we know to save him. I still remember, at first, his hands were warm, full of hope and revival but then I could feel coldness set in his fingers as life slowly drifted apart from him. He was only 25 at the time. That’s how old my brother is. I couldn’t sleep that night nor had the will to carry on. The only way I could get myself back to work again was my thought or call it a vision of hope wherein I could see him walking with Christ our God in peace. I dedicate this poem to my beloved God (my everything) who is by my right side to help me and everyone through each day, every day of our lives.

The Poem

Everything had every thing
Everything was every thing
Everything knew every thing
Nothing had not a thing
Nothing was not any thing
Nothing did not know a thing

Then One Day!
Nothing asked Everything….
“Can I be with you Everything “
With love, Everything said “Yes sure “

But how can Everything
Have Nothing in its life
And how can Nothing have
Everything in its life.

To be with Nothing,
Everything had to give up every thing
And become a thing
That lost every thing!!
To embrace Everything,
Nothing had to take up every thing
And become a thing
That has to have every thing!!

Together they became
A something that was complete.
An Everything that gave up
every thing
And a Nothing that had to
Take up every thing
To become a Something
In Love!!!

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