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Through Mesh

By: Luke Lambert

About The Poem

This poem is inspired by my everyday view working from the kitchen table, what I see and hear and feel throughout the day and how my experience has changed through the seasons. The hope and wish for brighter days, inspired by the first vaccinations, is what brought me to write it. I hope you enjoy

The Poem

Familiar dawn is late rising today / rush of the north brings haze to distant / skyscape and / nearer steeples / puffs of steam dot your vision / a room with a view / gathering dust fondly brushes busy windowsill / lost highlighter / dried flowers of autumn / a companion to fingers smudges / painting personal picture / low hum of heating / your tinnitus / for leaving comes with a price steeper than / winter electricity bills / a glimpse towards a horizon that / is not different to yesterday but / looks slightly crisper / the lone buzz of children in the playground a / soundtrack that cuts but / is warm in the grasp of the fourth season / day and night jostling for / position in the 4 o’clock / shade / a darkness permeated by / spots of light / from window / from plane / from eyes / which blink as stars ponder return / in the gathering darkness

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