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Unlocking Lockdown

By: Anneka Chambers

About The Poem

I was inspired to write Unlocking Lockdown, as a means of drawing parallel to some of the positives that lockdown encouraged me to do more of. For example listening to nature, speaking to local neighbours and strangers, who I may have otherwise only exchanged minimum eye contact with, maybe a brief smile, or indeed no engagement with at all.
Unlocking Lockdown weaves these experiences with reality of loneliness during the height of the pandemic. It draws upon my experiences of managing national changes i.e. to the way we shopped for essentials (queuing). It also makes reference to managing mental wellbeing, of which at times came with difficulty for me.

The Poem

In the lap of morning skies
I awake in the North of London
A nod to nature –
greeted by a new frequency, birds channel
a comprehensive melody
of intriguing energy.
A nod to my neighbour –
no longer strangers we now greet each other by name,
reciprocating starry eyed smiles
of compassion.

In the lap of midday skies
I walk alone in the North of London
A nod to my new acquaintance –
pegged upon an endless line,
we air our fears in the breeze
of uncertainty.
queuing for longer than our life cycles combined,
confusion is stained
upon the silk of our hearts.

In the lap of evening skies
I ponder on life in the North of London
A nod to loved ones –
your calls caught my emotions in the cushion
of your palms.
you saved me from colliding into concrete.
thank you.
A nod to silence elevated –
but for the cry of emergency,
the roads dare not speak. the
finger of authority lay firm across its lips.
street lights shine on no production.

all is still.

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