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Unnamed Star

By: Abu Maruf

About The Poem

This poem is written after the death of a close relative in July 2021. This poem expresses the feelings of her helpless husband who saw her dying of COVID-19 in a hospital bed.

The Poem

You are not here
My Thames is now in turmoil,
Now it’s tidal every night,
Sigh, sigh, sigh
Drowning in my own water.
Ran away from hospital that day
Couldn’t express my love,
Couldn’t show my inner self.
But only I know how miserable I am
For a handful of love from you.
I don’t know any magic,
The so-called God has no gift,
No revered Aladin’s wonder lamp;
What can I do,
To bring you back!
You become a star, hanging in the dark,
Out of reach, spreading the light,
You’re an unnamed star.
This pandemic making stars daily,
No more place left in the sky for stars.

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