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Vaccine Queue

By: Charlie Cameron

About The Poem

Signs of spring were starting to show, I was taking my dog for a walk, when I turned the corner and saw the most hopeful sight, a long queue from the doctors surgery, stretching right round the street. A photo wouldn’t have captured my feelings and been intrusive to those in the queue, so I had to write a poem as a snap shot of how I felt in the moment. A joyful, hopeful feeling.

The Poem

From the start of the street
The vulnerable spaced apart by six feet.
High vis volunteers there to meet
them at the door
as more and more
front liners,
ignore the whiners
and join the old
outside in the cold.
This is how we fight.
Who knew?
A polite,
Vaccine que.
Be afraid covid
We’re coming for you.

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