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Wallking Down the Street in Walthamstow

By: Kay Houlgreave

About The Poem

I was inspired by my husband Dougie who went for a walk and talked to a neighbour for the first time. We are all so busy, we never have time to speak and appreciate where we live.

The Poem

We wanted to go out

For air and exercise

So we walked down the street

During Lockdown


Face masks ready,

We rolled up our sleeves

To catch the sun’s rays on our skin

Hoping to find something interesting


We looked at the row of terraced houses

In the street

Front doors and windows in a line

Familiar Similar


Then we looked again

Far above eye level

“Look!” Look!”

“Never noticed that before.”


We saw the date the house was built,

1882 faintly etched in concrete

Above the front door

“Let’s see if there are any more”


We saw some roofs had different shapes and sizes

We found ornate decorations


in the brick work


A woman 3 doors down from our house

Came out with a rubbish bag and put it in the bin.

She smiled and waved to us.

“Who’s that?”


She must have heard us.

“I’m Sally,” she said.

“Pleased to meet you.”

We said our names


We talked for an hour

Where did the time go?

Then we carried on walking

In the street

where we live.

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