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Water Meters

By: Olivera Markovic

About The Poem

The borough is installing water meters. The ugly bits of life have come all at once, death, debt, distance. No one asks for these things. They just happen, as do top down directives in local authorities, and government in general.

The Poem

Water meters, induction heaters, vaccination stations – patient Nation.
London life is full of strife
Where to go, which pass to show.

We did not ask.
Wear a mask, you must not ask!

We did not ask. Yet London thrives, youth install ‘Hives’ to run their
Homes, work worry-free, as

Nannies see to offspring and everything is easy with new
Technology, no need to ask.

Now homes are full, of older woes.

Old age (we did not ask to be)
Released from daily toils, prepare the spoils of gardening

And cling to rarer
Touch and smell of past
To pass to kin, who will
Bin, or sell on ebay, as is the way
In London.

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