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Where is my iPhone did I leave it on the bed?

By: Milton Silverman

The Poem

Did I drop it down the sofa, down the back of my head?

Why do I lose it just when I need it?

Why do I need it just when I lose it?

Should I strap it to my chin?

Should I throw it in the bin?

I never needed one before, in those distant days of yore,

My body was my own,

Unannexed to my iPhone,

And I wonder if one day,

Whilst I look the other way,

Will my phone become the master,

For now and ever after,

If it loses where I am,

Will it care or give a damn?

Does it need my intervention?

Am I even its extension?

I’ll destroy it whilst I’m able ,

Before it learns to turn the tables,

No I’ll leave it on the bed,

And I’ll call it uncle Fred,

To make it slightly human,

As it hasn’t got a clue man

And nor have I.

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