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Where we are

By: Jeremiah 'Sugar J' Brown & Imtiaz Dharker

About The Poem

The Poem

where we are

i’m so desperate to see people

i don’t know how to act when they’re here

out of a brick wall, a face

blooms like a flower

i notice my friend after she waves

i’ve made walking lonelier than it needs be

she is a candle shining in a window

i wave she flickers back

from addington viewing point you can see all of london

there’s a hill in heath where you can see the world

you could look across to where I am

and see me if I raise my hand

you’re supposed to keep your eyes on the road

i miss all the things you get to see in traffic

the city is standing at its own corners

with empty pockets and patient eyes

the tops of tall buildings flash red at night

the moon always follows you when you’re driving

sparrowhawk looks at the moon

roosting on the tower and blinks

20mph is a speed suggestion

going nowhere is still somewhere to go

the roads are going wild and green

foxes are foraging in the bins

no limit on my car speakers

blast drill and hope i make it

you were someone else a year ago

i hope we make it

thinkin’ bout you is my favourite frank song

swim good is why i’m at the bank of this river

the river runs through the space we share

behind the mask is our face still there?

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