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By: Georgiabelle Benson

About The Poem

This was written by my daughter in January 2021 (7 years old, Year 2) when we were in lockdown and she couldn’t attend school. She was asked by a music teacher to write about how she was feeling for an extra curricular activity, and this was what she wrote. I was quite touched by it as it showed me that she was probably feeling more sad about the current situation than she was admitting, but also, that she was able to articulate that she understood there was still happiness around her.

The Poem

When you feel sad and lonely, worried and scared
You don’t know where you are.
In a forest damp and wet there is more around you

than fear.
It may look scary,
but just take a better look.
The trees may be tall but in a pretty way,

swaying in the fresh breeze.
There may be some weird noises,

but take a better listen,
it will sound like a beautiful melody.
The animals are crowded around you –
a fox, a squirrel, a rabbit and a robin.
You may feel scared,

but be nice to them and they will be nice to you.
Now you know a dark and gloomy forest
can be full of wonders.

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