Sarah Waters

Sarah Waters has written six novels. Her latest is The Paying Guests.

The Slaves of Solitude

Patrick Hamilton

I recommend Hamilton at every opportunity, because he was such a wonderful writer and yet is rather under-read today. All his novels are terrific, but this one is my favourite: a painfully funny study of frustrated lives and petty rivalries in a British boarding house during the Second World War.

Riceyman Steps

Arnold Bennett

Another writer whose work, these days, is shamefully under-read. But this is a great London novel, published in 1923 but capturing the lingering Victorianism of the city - its dusty small businesses, its gas lamps, its disgruntled servants. A good book for challenging our stereotypes of the Roaring Twenties.

My Judy Garland Life

Susie Boyt

You don't have to be a Judy Garland fan to enjoy this wonderful book, which is an account of Boyt's own obsession with Garland but also a thought-provoking, discussion-inspiring meditation on fandom itself.

All the Birds, Singing

Evie Wyld

This is a hugely impressive novel: moving, compelling, eerie, enigmatic. Wyld leaves out as much as she puts in - which makes this a particularly perfect book-group read, guaranteed to stir debate.