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Join Molly Rosenberg, Director of the RSL, for the RSL Members' Book Group. Prior to our 'Monstrous Women' event, will we be discussing Maggie Gee's Blood

"The Ludds, Artistes of Awfulness. I'm one of them, I share the bad blood. And yet I have my softer side - as you'll see if you stay with me. I am more sinned against than sinning. Who attacked Dad? When corrupt, brutal dentist, Albert Ludd is found battered and bloody after failing to attend a memorial party for his youngest son, a soldier killed in Afghanistan, suspicion falls on his other children - especially 37-year-old buxom bruiser Monica Ludd, who was heard uttering threats against her absent father. How come her car is found outside his house? Why did she buy a large axe? Yet Monica's a senior teacher... Blood is a Gothic black comedy seen through the eyes of six-foot Monica, who speaks her secret thoughts aloud and who has been banned from using social media by the principal of her school: Governors queried your use of moron and t**t . Set in anarchic, Brexit-ing Britain where terrorism has become routine, Blood asks serious questions about contemporary life: what can we do with the monstrous men who bully women and the weak? Can we wait for a world of order and justice? If we hit back, can the circle of violence ever be broken?"

11/05/2020 from  5:45 PM to  6:45 PM
Knowledge Centre
British Library
96 Euston Road
United Kingdom