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By: Milena Hurford

About The Poem

I wrote this in response to fellowship, and how this year has been a struggle to get through. COVID has inspired me to write about it.

The Poem

When you think about the future, you need to think about the past,
Every step ahead,
Is one more than the last.

When you lie in your bed,
You have dreams of reality,
Some bad like COVID,
Some good like your speciality.

The year has been a struggle,
With frustration and with doubt,
The thing that’s kept us going,
Is the freedom to get out.

Just lying on the sofa,
Thinking “is this really me?”
So many places to go,
So many things to see.

When will this end?
It feels like we are never done,
We are fed up and exhausted,
This is not so fun.

Who we are,
Is who we are together,
We are apart now,
but we will be a community forever.

Fellowship has a meaning,
It is a powerful word,
We will get our voices heard!!!

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