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Our Greatness

By: Kerrisha Alexander-Thompson

About The Poem

I wrote this poem for Black History Month at my school. For me, this poem was about explaining to people the inequalities faced by black people like myself and the reality of what life is like. I was inspired by the unfortunate death of George Floyd and the protest sparking from it. From then, my mum and I had many conversations about what was happening about the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Poem

“I have a dream” is how I’ll start this poem today,
Just like Martin Luther King said back in the day.
I have a dream for diversity, I have a dream for equality.

Our afros may not flow in the wind or even blow in the breeze,
We have our own hairstyles and we don’t aim to please.
They call my hair dreadlocks but ain’t nothing to dread,
My locs are a symbol of who I represent.

They have this image of beauty, but really and truly it lies within me
I may not be the person you see on magazines,
But black is also beauty, I just wish you could see.
So when will I see more representations of me?

Dark skin, light skin, why do you care?
Why is this world so unfair?
We are so much more than our melanin,
Judge us by our hearts and not the many shades of brown we come in.

Athletes, musicians and mathematicians,
Our history is greater than you can even imagine.

Katherine Johnson led the way,
For the mathematicians of today.
Shooting up to outer space,
Paving the way for the Black Race.

When Colin took the knee all he wanted was for us to be free,
Free, from all police brutality.

So I’m not standing for violence,
But I’ll take the knee any day.
I’ll hold my fist up,
So you know these issues just don’t go away

I’m not saying Black lives matter just for the clout,
I’m saying it so black people don’t feel left out.

I’m reaching out to social media, magazines and even schools too
To understand that Black Lives Matter to not only me,
but hopefully you.

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