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By: Amaya Scott

About The Poem

I really enjoyed writing this poem and I hope you enjoy reading it!

The Poem

2020 has been really bad,
I can’t lie, it’s been a sack to drag
With covid and lockdown
It really was a letdown
And all because some silly person ate a bad bat!

But let’s not discriminate or think about those things
They’ll just make us sad
So let’s think about the good things!
That 2021 has for us to grab!
So how about you take a seat and let’s dive into positivity!

Theme parks re-opening!
Seeing you friends after hoping,
That lockdown would end!
Our dreams have come true!
And once again you can hug your grandma and her cute little pug!
Seeing everyone in school!
And returning to the local pool,

See! It’s not so bad,
People say good things never last, well neither do bad things!
So let’s move on and forget about this covid!
Sure there are still some rules,
That we need to follow,
But you needn’t fear ’cause soon those will hollow!

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