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Why can’t I?

By: Sadia Kassam

About The Poem

My poem was inspired by all the ups and downs we experienced in 2020, including the wild fires that led to large amounts of pollution and all the waste in the sea (animals dying).

The Poem

Why can’t I?
Why can’t I see the sky?
The sun, the moon, the stars
When I look up, everything’s gone
Everything that made earth shine
They’ve disappeared.

Why can’t I see the plants, the animals?
Look outside, only concrete and tarmac
No wildlife could survive here
They would die too easily
They’ve disappeared.

Why can’t I see colours?
I look around, All grey and black
Dull, ugly, depressing
Where did the rainbows go?
They’ve disappeared.

This is our world
What it has become
Boring, colourless, nothingness,

But maybe it will get better,
Maybe there’ll be more colours in our world
Maybe there’ll be no more deaths
And maybe we’ll live happily together
No more fears and no more cries.

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