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Our Square

By: Fiona Dean

About The Poem

This poem was inspired by the William Morris love poem “Our hands have met”, however rather than a love poem it’s about our strong community in Waltham Forest and the fellowship of meeting hands. It takes us on a journey from meeting in a round ( a group together) to meeting in a square, (the new Fellowship Square).
Then not touching at all, but alone in hospital , touch is only through latex gloves, with an invisible smile hidden behind masks. “No capes here” refers to the language sometimes used of superheroes for medical staff. I felt this was far too superficial for such a horrendous time with relentless hard work and dedication. They weren’t and aren’t superheroes but hugely brave, hard working, dedicated professionals.
I was inspired by cycling along the River Lea and wetlands in lockdown for the verses that talk of recovery and safety like the little egret that was once hunted almost to extinction for its white feathers for hats. Its now one of the success stories of the wetlands.
And full circle we go back again to the square, to fellowship and being together.

The Poem

our hands have met
not as a lovers
but they have touched

and entwined
with fleeting contact

they clasped
a round,
in a square

but alone now
wringing together
except a latex touch

an invisible smile
no super capes here

tender care

the light changes
we emerge
a more confident touch

trailing through
diamond sparkling
sun touched
our Lea

across our wetlands,
safer now like
the little egret
with plumes of white

we are strong
our hands meet

all our hands
once again

in fellowship
In a round
In a square

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